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Monday, February 6, 2012

There is so much fooooood….

Happy-Super-Bowl-Ad-Watching Day!!

I was never a Handegg fan. I’m still not a handegg fan. I only have a thin grasp on the concept and rules of the game but I still question ‘why’. It’s a game, but it’s still a dumb game. Now hockey. That’s a sport! The players play the sport in Hockey. Handegg (sorry.. but football is a game you play with a ball and your feet. American football is handegg. Soccer is football.) is a game that is played by the coaches using the players as pawns in chess.

And why is it that NFL coaches always look like hobos? if you want respect, wear a suit LIKE ALL THE OTHER COACHES IN EVERY SPORT1! (Where a tie, ya bum!)


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Most Epic Garlic Trick. Ever.

It is the MOST amazing, insane trick to garlic peeling. Ever.

10 seconds and you have peeled cloves of garlic. A whole head of garlic. Peeled. Done.


No. I swear.

I was just as pessimistic as you probably are now. I’ve seen the videos and thought it was camera magic. No. And there are no easy payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling either. All you need are two kitchen bowls.

That is it.

I hear your skepticism. but try it. Believe me, it is amazing.

Start with a head of garlic. From the store.

Just your ordinary head of garlic


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