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Monday, February 6, 2012

There is so much fooooood….

Happy-Super-Bowl-Ad-Watching Day!!

I was never a Handegg fan. I’m still not a handegg fan. I only have a thin grasp on the concept and rules of the game but I still question ‘why’. It’s a game, but it’s still a dumb game. Now hockey. That’s a sport! The players play the sport in Hockey. Handegg (sorry.. but football is a game you play with a ball and your feet. American football is handegg. Soccer is football.) is a game that is played by the coaches using the players as pawns in chess.

And why is it that NFL coaches always look like hobos? if you want respect, wear a suit LIKE ALL THE OTHER COACHES IN EVERY SPORT1! (Where a tie, ya bum!)

Anyway, I never paid attention to football but I’ve watched the SuperBowl almost every year since the 6th grade, why? Commercials. I love great and creative advertising. I hate selling your soul to abuse the consumer, but creative advertising where the product is second to the entertainment… that’s awesome.

So we feast to enjoy awesome commercials.

I had originally planned to take progress pics of the making of this feast but… ooops. But I will share the recipes I used.

Nathan Fillion’s 7-Layer Bean Dip of the Gods!

As long as those gods are in your image, Cap’n.. :: grins ::

Yes. Captain Hammer/Captain Mal Reynolds/Richard Castle himself shared a bit of his culinary secrets with his “Dip of the Gods”! Oh, and it is very mighty. Granted I made a lot of food, but Joe and I still barely put a dent in this dip. Oh. There is so much dip. He shared the recipe as a series of tweets. I shall now recite it for you, dear readers-

I would like to share with you all my very special Seven Layer Bean Dip recipe. Get out a pen and paper. Or fave the following-

This will be the Bean Dip of the Gods of song in Dr.Horrible’s COMMENTARY! Ready?

Layer one: Large can of fat free vegetarian refried beans.

Layer two: mix taco seasoning into low fat sour cream and spread over beans.

Layer three: four large diced tomatoes (use your jug dement for adequate coverage.

Layer four: Guacamole. (I use avocados mixed with Herdez mild salsa). Tomatoes will anchor the sour cream layer.

Layer five: one cute little can of diced green chilies. Suggest wee flinging through fingers for even spreaddage

Layer six: one cute little can of black olives. Same technique for spreaddage.

Layer seven: shredded Mexican cheese mix. Or to taste. I use a whole bag.

Casserole dish for dip, and a strong chip like Mission Rounds. Dip is thick- will destroy lesser chips. Maybe stock up on Beano, too.

I use my 9″x13″ baking dish for this crazy mofo. Two cans of ‘normal’ beans to make up for the fact that I can’t find a large can around here. Or small. so. yeah. I mixed the sour cream the night before to “sit” and “meld” mmmm and I used the taco seasoning recipe here minus all but a pinch of cumin. (What can I say, the boy doesn’t like cumin. :: shrugs :: ) People need to stop using flavor packets and actually use the spices in your spice cabinet. Your taste buds will thank you!

I made guacamole with two avocados and a guac flavor packet. YES, I KNOW I just berated you about flavor packets. I haven’t mastered guac yet… sorry! As for the chips? We don’t have Mission Rounds here, either. So we used Tostitos… and they did break under the might of the dip.

Nathan Fillion's 7-Layer Bean Dip of the Gods

Oh Captain, My Captain

Pigs in a Blanket

This is normal recipe you can find anywhere. Get those cute little weenie-dogs from the store. Cocktail wieners? Yeah. Those things. I SO RECOMMEND Boar’s Head beef cocktail wieners. mmm, so good. I love Boar’s Head. I, however, live in a place where Boar’s Head is unheard of and maybe talk of it is sacrilege. :: shrugs :: The other ingredient is a roll of crescent roll dough. I get the pre cut kind but still cut those up even further. I can probably roll four weenies in one pre-cut triangle.

Roll up a weenie in a blanket of dough and place on a greased cookie sheet. I use aluminum foil or parchment paper for easy clean-up because i hate doing dishes! 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes. Eat plain or dip with BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Honey mustard, whatever…

Corn Bread

I never made corn bread before. I used to have a corn muffins many years ago as dinner during my part-time job I had in high school. I thought corn bread with chili was crazy. But I didn’t want the usual rice with Chili this year. So… why not. I looked up a few recipes and found this one. I doubled it and baked it in a 9″x13″ dish. It was thick and moist and delicious. If I wasn’t so full I’d toast a small square and melt some butter on it right now. mmmmmm!!


A game-day favorite (apparently). I only knew chili how my mom made chili. It’s pretty simple. This recipe is kinda close but I made a few alterations to suit my tastes. Light kidney beans and black beans. No peppers. I like peppers but only raw. I’m a raw veggie girl. limp veggies makes me sad. I skipped the tomato juice in favor of two cans of petit diced tomatoes with it’s juice and a can of tomato sauce. I also sauted some really tightly chopped celery with the onion. And, just like the taco seasoning, only a pinch of cumin.

OH! and more than half a bottle of beer. Mmmmm. Can’t make chili without beer. Finish off the rest of that beer while I finished cooking. I deserved that beer, damnit.

Hmm.. I guess the recipe wasn’t close at all! whoops. Oh well. top with some sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese.

Even with all this food and just the two of us, we still had a good time. And the Giants won so it’s all Win-win. Goof food. Good advertisements. Good leftovers!

Full... of food, of game and content.

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