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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who am I about?


I think this is a good start.

My Name is Cathy. I Have a LiveJournal account that holds the drama of growing up and another wordpress blog for school, I have a facebook, and I think I have forgotten accounts for other outdated social networks. I have nothing for me. Not to replace  a personal journal, of course, but something that is a bit more of the new me than anything, and hell… it’s on my own website. What could be better.

So this is My Journal. Besides my portfolio which whores out my accomplishments and says “hire me” I have something in which will be updated frequently about me, my work, and other things I find relates or I just wish to Share.

Things that may be included-

_Websites which I may find particular amazing that I wish to share

_Websites which I find horribly bad and my critiques on them

_Friend’s sites and journals.

_Random updates on me and my site. Hell, it is my site, isn’t it?

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