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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I think I should start blogging…

I think I should start posting in this thing. But I’m not sure. So many things rushing at once. it’s crazy.

Being a senior, and in New Media, a bunch of us in a team are working on our final project. I can probably Link to that blog. maybe. haha. it should be on the side and here.

What else? I think I’m torn on my graduate school decision. Part of me is Happy and curious about Medical illustration. I’ve always been interested in archeology and forensic anthropology. So Appeasing my illustration/fine art/ science fangirl side, I can be happy and incorporate all of it into my New media background (3d, aftereffects, websites, flash)

But my love for video game design… being fictitious. Making up characters to stories and illustrating beautiful landscapes ad swords. (can you tell I like game design?)

So what do I do? Medical Illustration or Game Design Illustration? oooooo, choices…. oh gosh, choices…

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