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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration Day (Bush is Gone!!!)

… This is a great day.  This is an amazing, and positively great day. Our 44th president was sworn in today. President Barack Obama! This is the first day of change! Bush is gone after eight LONG years. Yes, he had to make some really tough decisions because a lot has happened. However- Some decisions he made directly and indirectly led this country downwards…But that’s not the case anymore.We have a new President that can do so much for the Country.  The Crowds, the turn out — Watching all this today Made me feel so proud to be an American for the first time in a LOOOOONG time. People united .. not in war.. not in protest.. but to witness such an amazing step forward. This is an advancement  not just in History, but in Humanity!  We finally put aside racial differences to elect the right person for the job. I hate to make it a +5 for Black people everywhere. However, it is a HUGE accomplishment for them. Some people never thought they would see the day. I have a friend whos mother was a huge civil rights activist! She would walk with her mother and father in countless movements for change. Her mother recently past away, but was still able to vote and witness his Win.  This has been an emotional and moving and proud day for everyone. But I hope we can see this as not a win for colour, but a win for the right leader. A win for a informative decision… A win for Young people finally realizing they are Americans too and can make a difference. A win for a country to do something instead of letting their country fall. This is a Win for Us. And not just for the US of A us… but for the us around the world. He can start fixing not only our domestic problems, but take a stand and fix our foreign relationships.  I can’t wait to see how his Presidency plays out!  I can’t wait to also see how his precidency opens the doors to more possiblities!

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