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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Most Epic Garlic Trick. Ever.

It is the MOST amazing, insane trick to garlic peeling. Ever.

10 seconds and you have peeled cloves of garlic. A whole head of garlic. Peeled. Done.


No. I swear.

I was just as pessimistic as you probably are now. I’ve seen the videos and thought it was camera magic. No. And there are no easy payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling either. All you need are two kitchen bowls.

That is it.

I hear your skepticism. but try it. Believe me, it is amazing.

Start with a head of garlic. From the store.

Just your ordinary head of garlic

Now turn it upside down and, with the heel of your palm, smash. All you really need is just to loosen it up a bit. One smash. That’s it. Don’t kill it.

Now, once you have that, place it in one of your two bowls. Cover that bowl with the second bowl.

Slightly smashed garlic in a bowl.

Now shake that mother for 10 seconds. Do your Mississippis or your one-thousands. maybe 3 shakes a second? a comfortable shake, guys, stop being so technical!

It’s like Schrödinger’s cat – Is it peels or dead!?

Oh! The suspense!1!

And walla!

What’s this?

Check out this sucker!!

A peeled garlic clove! WHAAAAT?!

Now. Do you believe me? I wanna know who the hell figured this out. I wanna hug them.

Now, some cloves will still be in their papery shell, and that’s okay. It’s loose enough to remove by hand. I would advise against shaking again or longer than 10 seconds. The cloves start to get damaged, letting loose their juice and then the paper coverings start adhering to the cloves again.

But Cat? What if I need only one or two cloves of garlic?!

Just do it the usual way. This is probably only good if you are going to use most of it at once. Though, I’m currently testing out the option of freezing the already-peeled cloves. I’ll let you know.


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