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Friday, November 25, 2011

Florida day 2 – Thanksgiving!

What a day. What an amazing long day. Seriously. And the official NASATweetUp events haven’t even started yet!

Today I and a few other Tweeps opted to use our free day pass to the Kennedy Space Visitor’s Center. I woke at 7, having slept abou 4 hours (again) and got to the park at 9 when they opened armed with my tri-pod, camera, and lappy bag of organized chaos. yes. But to quote a new friend who quoted an XKCD comic “We are the Internet.” I wasn’t the only one bogged down with tons of stuff. And as I walked to the entrance I remembered the last time I was there. I think that I had more child-like wonderment now than I did when I was 10.


Welcome to the Kennedy Space Center!

I didn’t make any plans other than lunch with an astronaut. So I just played by ear at first and checked out the rocket garden. It was just so cool to see these towering missiles, rockets and capsules designed for space travel.


It was kinda cool...


Rockets looking up to the sky...

It was around this time I bumped into a few fellow Tweeps. We stood talking and made references to ice skaing on the moon since we saw a KSC employee install then skate on a small ice rink. Why? Why not. I walked around the gaden a bit more taking pictures and then decided to plan my day, having found a schedule sheet.

I bumped into my friends again and decided to look around the Space Exploration gallery. In there were the models of the mars rovers including the newest member of the family which will leave the join them on Saturday. Oh. I cannot wait!

MARS Curiosity

MSL Curiosity!! Isn't he soo cute...?

Checked out an IMAX 3D movie of the Hubble. Picked up the ticket for lunch and headed over to have said lunch. But on the way we met with SPACE STIG!!


Some say...

Lunch was a delicious Thanksgiving buffet. Commander John Crieghton shared his experience as an astronaut and was just so awesome. But after this fun we met with a few more people for the Space Shuttle Experience which simulates what it’d be like to lift off from Earth in the space shuttle. (“Twang!” hehe). We kinda took over the entire pod. which was awesome!

Another 3D IMAX film on the Space Station. played with LEGOs because we had a tweetUp slot.


Look at what I built!!

I couldn’t finish because I had to catch the last Star Trek Live show of the day! It was so silly, but so much fun. There was one girl called up to volunteer and this other kid just ran up with her. From the other side of the room. and wouldn’t leave after the actors were “we only need one volunteer.” I felt bad for the girl.. it looked like she was going to cry because this other kid wasn’t being fair. Oh well. The actors improved well!

And yes. There were Tribbles.

Oh. Such a long day!! took a few more pictures. Shopped. I was looking forward to an awesome sunset and the sky had gone overcast while we were in the Star Trek thing. I was given a hug when I saw that my plans were shot down. Alas… I have TWO MORE DAYS of pictures to take. At least….

I thought that would be the end of my Thanksgiving. I developed a sudden headache on the way home. But took an Aleve and a protein bar. What was a hunger headache had left and I was able to cross the highway to the Cacker Barrel a whole group decided to “occupy” (#OccupyCrackerBarrel). And occupy we did!

Long day. Very long day. And a very awesome day! Now I need to sleep and get ready for the first day of NASATweetUp!

My Tumblr will be update later… but if you want to see a few awesome talks tomorrow, make sure to go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nasa-tweetup I believe the feed starts at 11!!

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