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Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Review – Catching Fire (Hunger Games Trilogy Book 2)

If it wasn’t clear in my last post – GO READ THE HUNGER GAMES! NOW!!

I seriously finished the second book about 20 minutes ago and while I clench the third and final book in my arms as I type this dying to know how it ends, I figure I should take a break and reflect on the second book. Maybe review? We’ll see how that works…

Now see, it’s hard enough to write a review the first time around since you want to just type and spoil away, unforgiving because in your mind EVERYONE should have read this already. However, it’s even more difficult to write something on the second.. now I have to be careful not to spoil the first or second book. I’ll try and be as careful as I can.

So… beware what’s below.


Katniss Everdeen is back in District 12! But her life has changed, drastically. While her family no longer lives in hard times and her District is being rewarded for her win with monthly food parcels, the “good” times aren’t all good. Relationships she’s had with friends are on the edge. Freedoms she previously had are taken away. Threats come down upon her that not only effect her but everyone she loves. And now… the start of the Seventy-fifth Hunger Games…

Gosh. I couldn’t put this down. Well, I did. I had to sleep at some point. then I had to work. I actually left the house to try out a new coffee house just across the river so I can work. Wow. go me. but I still managed to do all that and FINISH the second book in the series in about 24 hours.


I both love and hate reading a book quickly like that. I love it becuse I can read more. Or if it’s just utter trash it’s over soon enough. But I hate it if it’s a book I’m REALLY in love with… So far The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are just brilliant. I’ve fallen in love with the characters, I still manage to yell out loud. I cry, scream, gasp and even “facepalm” the book to my head when the moment calls for it. Katniss is a brillant character growing throughout the book, and the relationships aren’t forced. I’ve read books where relationships between characters, whether friends or lovers or co-workers, classmates, it all seem unnatural.. just there for the sake of the plot, later editions… .  To me, these characters and their relationships are so natural.

Symbols are clear, repetitive, but clear. And the social aspects are interesting – from the districts to the central city.

I would love to know the thinking process Suzanne Collins went through while thinking of the story. Just brilliant. I’m in awe.

Okay. The third and (as far as I know) final installment is calling me. I need to know what’s going to happen. I want to know if my favorite pairing gets together in the end. I want to know if the plans work. I wanna yell at Katniss some more.  I’ll TRY and pace myself with this one. but damnit. Th chapters end with such crazy suspence that I just have to keep going!!!

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