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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The chatter-box brain

Seriously brain? 4:30am?

I woke up this morning because IT IS TOO HOT! If it weren’t for the bugs already squatting in the downstairs living room I’d be sleeping on the futon where the thermostat lives. If you don’t remember science, kids, heat rises. That means the cool air from the wonderful central air likes being downstairs. The upstairs stays warmer. There is no thermostat upstairs to say, “hey! AC! yeah, could you just keep it going up here… please? pretty please?” This situation is made worse with the heat wave sticking around worse than lint on sweat.

My brain decided that it was too warm to keep sleeping. Even with the fan now on and cooling things off, it’s like “oooo that feels good! But, since you’re up, here is everything you should think about to stress you out!”

Damnit brain.

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