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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Failed attempts at photography! The Moon!

I’d like to think myself a Jane-of-Many-Talents. In reality, I’m sure I’m just a Cat-That-Thinks-She-can-Do-Things-but-Fails-At-Most-But-Tries-Anyway. Trying counts for something, right???


Well, I decided to create a new series called “Failed Attempts at Photography!” This is a new segment of my blog that I just made up about two minutes ago as an excuse to post pictures of things I currently feel proud of. The blog is like the giant fridge and you are the poor saps that have to look at it when you browse the kitchen for something to snack on!

The moon is bright and full tonight. I thought for sure Rochester would be mean and be cloudy all night long, but no! No! Rochester decided to be nice and break the cloud cover for an hour… long enough for me to run out and take pictures.

A balmy 28 degrees, I ran out in nothing but my Curiosity hoodie, PJ bottoms and untied converse shoes. A couple walked past bundled up in their warmest to walk their small dog (which, with a quick google search led me to think it was a Papillon or similar) once again labeling me as the weirdo in the neighborhood. Taking pictures of the moon. Standing and looking up waiting for the ISS. Do I care what they think? No. I observe the world and beyond. Deal with it!

So back to the photos. I should know more than I do, but I don’t. I try – and that’s what counts. So, enjoy, dear readers, a sample of pictures I took of tonight’s wonderful Full Moon!

Full Moon one

Full Moon 2

Full Moon 3

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